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    Walk Out of the Fog and Towards a Bright Future丨Mr. Wang Wei, CEO of Winhealth Pharma, Delivered A Speech on New Year's Day

    January 01, 2023

    Dear colleagues, dear fellows,

    Good morning/afternoon!

    First of all, I would like to thank you all for your efforts over the past year, when various uncertainties intertwined and affected the work and life of each of us against the background of COVID-19. Thanks to the support and companionship of all Winhealth employees and our partners, we were able to overcome the difficulties brought by the epidemic, achieve fruitful results, and continue to move forward!

    The achievements in 2022 never came easy and should be cherished

    Every one of us in the medicine industry inevitably has to experience the great changes in the industry. When we had to make painful choices in the midst of changes, I was grateful to each and every colleague for their understanding, to every manager for the efforts they made in the process, and to every colleague who is still working hard at their posts for their trust and support.

    In the past year when the epidemic occurred repeatedly and rapid changes took place in the industry, we were pleased to see that the two business segments of the Mature Pharmaceuticals Division and the Innovative Pharmacy Division had both achieved promising results. The Mature Pharmaceuticals Division insisted on the direction of academic promotion and focused on hospital development, and its Tiger Project has recorded a steady flow of news of victories, with several products achieving a breakthrough from zero nationwide, thus laying a solid foundation for development in the future.

    Thanks to the full cooperation of multiple departments, the Ravicti® (glyceryl phenylbutyrate), our licensed product of the Innovative Pharmacy Division, has been officially accepted by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) for marketing authorization application (MAA) for its pre-marketing clinical studies in China and approved under “priority review”. Through constant introduction of innovative products from around the world and the extensive cooperation with a wide array of organizations, the Rare Disease Clinical Medicine Center is continuously accepting patients from all over the country.

    The rich and diversified portfolios are one of the core strengths of Winhealth in its future development. For the first time, we have entered a partnership with Sanofi to sign agreements regarding two excellent products Amiodarone Hydrochloride Tablets® and Targocid®, to bring more options to patients with cardiovascular and gram-positive bacterial infections. Winhealth has always maintained a strategic layout based on the Chinese market and targeting unmet medical needs worldwide. The establishment of our branches in Singapore and Denmark will facilitate Winhealth to bring the latest global treatment technologies to fill the needs of patients.

    Facing various products and offers, how to use the limited time more rationally is an inevitable problem for CSOs, and it determines the future development direction of an enterprise. The sales management system can help us make better use of time and assist managers in realizing efficient and flexible management; accurate and efficient data collection and analysis can reduce the tedious data collection and cleaning work, make data display more efficient and accurate, and greatly improve the efficiency of collaboration within and between teams; at the same time, through the retention of data, it also leaves a long-term data accumulation and precipitation for the enterprise, thus facilitating vertical insight into business opportunities.

    If products determine how big a company can be, then compliance determine how far a company can go. By always insisting on developing its own compliance system, Winhealth has established a strict and complete compliance system, including the parallel operation of the Compliance Management Committee and the independent compliance departments; It has formulated complete internal compliance policies and processes, established an employee compliance training system, and implementeddaily compliance supervision system. These measures have helped ensure the effectiveness and stability of the company's operation and external cooperation, and won recognition from the foreign pharmaceutical partners, thus realizing the progress from Compliance 2.0 towards 3.0 system.

    Opportunities for Winhealth in 2023 against the background of COVID-19

    Just a few days ago, three years of epidemic prevention and control came to an end. The changes are unfolding in way never seen before in human history, and the pharmaceutical industry is in a period of turbulences and changes. In the context of the new era, the key to achieving better development is to be good at identifying and seizing opportunities. When facing the complex and severe external environment, we should be firmer and more confident in our strategy and implement our policies precisely to respond to the "industry changes" with "the governance of Winhealth".

    We will lay more emphasis on [precise] marketing strategies, including developing precise strategies, carrying out precise customer profiling, steadily grasping product demand precisely, realizing precise management mode, and establishing and improving a marketing management system with accurate targeting, etc., so as to utilize resources in a rational, full and efficient manner, thus helping enterprises quickly seize the market in the new situation.

    We also need to build a more [efficient] excellent organizational team. Through the digital management model, the internal consensus can be reached quickly to achieve rapid communication, decomposition, distribution and achievement of goals, and then achieve efficient operation, efficient growth, and efficient development of the enterprise.

    With the establishment of our [digital] marketing system, we will focus more on digital management, scenario-based health solutions, and digital talent development to inject digital innovation into the company and provide digital health services to medical care personnel and patients.

    In the future, Winhealth will continue to put patients first and be product-driven to develop local markets through globalization and rapid market access, thus benefiting patients in more countries and regions through high-quality products and services.

    In the coming year, I look forward to working with all my colleagues at Winhealth to make up for the lost time in the past three years, to fulfill our commitment to health, and to empower our patients to live better lives.

    Remember, to work together and unite as one is the most powerful force and the most effective way to walk out of the fog and towards a bright future!

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